How to read this Blog? Is this true? Who is that character?

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The adventures in Afghanistan as a military pilot for a year were one in a lifetime. Some good, some bad …all memorable.

I hope to both entertain and educate my audience on the complexities, intensity and horrors that our teams faced; that the troops faced; and the families. The hardening and desensitization was a fascinating journey and it has taken years to relax from. I really hope you can appreciate that in our veterans and try to accept it; you may not understand but please accept it.

This blog has a few funny injections and stories but the main BLOG is numbered. I am missing 12 but it’s coming. It has been a challenge. Sometimes there are interpersonal challenges in the most extreme of conditions, my aim is to maintain the utmost of respect for all I served with; so any similarities to any persons that my characters may bring. First accept they are fictional and second, know I respect and love all of those fictional personalities.

For reading order:

Please read 1 and 2. It sets pace and the scene.

Read 8 and 13; they go together in that order.

The others are a pseudo chronological development of characters and blending of stories from tactical missions. Yes, real situations. Memoirs, but fictionalized characters and dialogue to tell a story. As you read, as some colleagues have pm’d me, you will recognize people and guess who characters are based on. Yes you are 80% right, but in many stories, I used the different character in the cockpit than who was really there; or I made someone that you think is someone, say something they didn’t say – So consider it a fictional story my friends. Enjoy and remember and share.



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