Maintain the Aim

One of the Principles of Warfare, and actually a principle for any business or personal goal is to “Maintain the Aim.” It is taught to every soldier that crosses into the halls of basic training. I am sure fire, police, business managers, martial artists and many schools also have their versions of this rhetoric. Its effective.

As I was reviewing and editing my manuscript, I came across a paragraph that I just wanted to recall. It is what this blog is about.

“….I hope to both entertain and educate my audience on the complexities, intensity and horrors that our teams face; that the troops endure; and that families anxiously survive through. The hardening and desensitization was a fascinating journey and it takes years for some to relax and cope with. I really hope you can appreciate that reality in our veterans and try to accept it. You don’t have to understand, but please accept it…”


Go For Shakedown

kandahar evening mist
One of my favourite Wiggy shots. Kandahar looking west.

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