14A. A contemplation

extreme wine

In my last post, I was leaning to describe the irony between an extremely beautiful land and how such beauty and ruggedness can be poisoned by humanity.

As I flew through Afghanistan, I recollected thoughts of the Canadian Rockies any American Rocky Mountains that I have also flown through. As I experienced North America from the air over the years, I learned a respect for the history, prosperity and development: ski resorts, mining projects, vast farms and pipelines all cooperating in the development of prosperity, health, and society. I recall thinking the same things about Afghanistan, a land having so much potential. It has vast mineral wealth and potential to be a continental trading crossroads due to its location; this evident from the historic trade routes from Asia to Europe. It has the capability of running rail lines but doesn’t due to the lack of security – a shame. I saw great mountain ranges with beautiful villages below that would be so capable of building ski resorts and supporting eco-tourism. I saw vast plains with the flowers of lush fruits and vegetables. The grapes alone could rival the vineyards of the Sonoma Valley in California to the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. And with all this potential, I can’t figure out why fear, hatred, sexism, and medieval law is allowed to prevail keeping these people and this potential suppressed. How do we, as an advanced Western civilization, convince these people that there is a much healthier, prosperous and socially beneficial ways to live? While maintaining religion and modifying fear and hatred, great benefits could come through collective efforts. But it remains a medieval wasteland – it is sad.  The great Greek, Mongolian,  Persian, Timur, British and Arabian empires have already proven prosperity in the Afghanistan area; it is possible. So why are they so stuck?

Extreme Wine Kabul

If it is a religious issue, then this is my 2 cents:

Whether you believe that Abraham and Isaac founded Judaism then Christianity in Israel or … Abraham and Ismail founded the Quran and Islam in Saudi Arabia, it doesn’t matter.

What is an agreed truth is that we all have Abraham as a religious forefather. We are all cousins.

Just because we can’t agree on what great uncle accomplished what doesn’t mean we have to be extremist and radical. During peace and common sense prevailing, both trees of this family have created great empires of prosperity, peace, artistic, technological  and social advancement. It’s time to move forward once again collectively.

Merry Christmas from this branch of the tree.

christmas tree in afghanistan

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