Happy Canada Day!



What a great country we have become. And I celebrate from the last province to join confederation in 1949 – Newfoundland….or as islanders would say, “1949 is when Canada joined us.”

I have served in as a civilian and military member in every province and territory in this confederation. I have melted in the heat of the desserts of the Okanagan, and froze my fingers in the -67 degree temperatures on the North Warning System. I have seen skirmishes such as Oka and been part of the military as it served and helped during ice storms, floods and fires. This is a beautiful country full of natural and human diversity.

Additionally, and like most other military and aviation professionals, I have travelled the world and been blessed with visiting 5 of the 7 continents. And I truly believe, that despite our minute problems, we are the best country in the world.

Enjoy our country, enjoy your celebration – and protect her institutions, promote her resources and nurture and protect our beliefs.

Happy Birthday Canada.

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