About Me.

Thumbs Up...Giddy-up...Go For Shakedown!
Thumbs Up…Giddy-up…Go For Shakedown!

I proudly served in the Canadian Regular Air Force since 1986. After gaining my wings in 1988, I served at 408 Squadron, 403 HOTS, 427 Squadron, 3 CFFTS and returned to 408 Squadron again for OP ATHENA (Afghanistan). I retired in 2011. I was fortunate to experience two instructional tours, two operational tours, a ground tour, two tours in South Asia which amounted to about 550 mission hours over 110 mission days, as well as a single tour in Central America for Contra demobilization.

Additionally, I have worked for 6 years as a civilian helicopter pilot primarily serving the oil and gas industry in the offshore oil support market.

I am still an active pilot and proudly serve part-time in the Reserves (equivalent to the American National Guard). I have attained over 7500 flying hours to date and hope to write stories until well over 10,000. Thanks for coming to my blog. I hope to stick close to the human side of aviation. Keep reading. Keep writing.

6 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. Shake down, shake down this is India 22 Pronto we are in contact can you support.

    Change shake down to long knife or any AH c/s and I can’t remember how many time I was on the net with you boys. 2k NW of PB Shoja or in Nak TF-1-10 Thanks for everything shake down.cheers

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    1. Romeo tango.. Go For Shakedown. Hey. I have a story coming up eventually. I remember watching (I think it was 29) get outta the LAV and run across the grape-field to be with his dismounts. I was watching bullets splash all over the field, chasing him there, like he was tap dancing through a field of fire. All while he’s huffin and puffin on the radio. I must check my Logbook now. Wish I coulda done more.


  2. I am enthused to hear of this novel you wrote Steve. I’ll be sure to order one. It was a great pleasure to serve and fly with what I believe are the most professional pilots in the world. With you guys at the stick I always felt safe to do my job in the back. Thank you! I look forward to read your stories. Shakedown 26. Clear to fly….

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