Maintain the Aim

One of the Principles of Warfare, and actually a principle for any business or personal goal is to “Maintain the Aim.” It is taught to every soldier that crosses into the halls of basic training. I am sure fire, police, business managers, martial artists and many schools also have their versions of this rhetoric. Its … More Maintain the Aim

12E. Senjeray continued…

Blog 12E. Senjeray PID RPG…the busy day continues (Still Irish’s mission) ……“Shakedown this is the FOB (Forward Operating Base Senjeray), wait out.” “Contact FAM (Fighting Aged male) with one times RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) and AK47 (assault rifle).” Prof called excitedly over the radio. His helicopter closed in from the higher orbit onto the potentially … More 12E. Senjeray continued…

12 BC….continues

….“Zorg, we gotta carry on with our task, we’ll talk later!” I was concerned due to his tone. “Too many people dying for stupid reasons here.” He stated quietly. continued….   “Shakedown 25, this is SLAYER TOC, I copy your report and it has been passed up.” His tone was the same. To him, it … More 12 BC….continues

12BC. Stone, Rocket, TIC. Irish’s Day continues…

Blog 12BC. Stone, Rocket, TIC. Irish’s Day continues… So much shit happens in a day here, that it takes a long time to reflect, contemplate and try to organize it into something that makes sense; even if it isn’t acceptable or understandable from a western cultural perspective. Some will never make sense of it and … More 12BC. Stone, Rocket, TIC. Irish’s Day continues…

8. Casualties of War

8. Casualty of War. I saw this many times. I speculated through dialogue and imagined a plausible situation. How would it transpire? What would the outcome be? What are the other perspectives? There are so many casualties in war. Perhaps the most damaged veterans are the one’s that didn’t even know they were in the … More 8. Casualties of War

2. Summer in Salavat

Forward: This story may have some incorrect timelines and I replaced some people and/or merged personalities into single characters. The incident itself is factual. It happened. Dialogue obviously created from intent. Some people may not want to be linked whatsoever to these events. I respect that and your privacy. So you may recognize a situation, … More 2. Summer in Salavat

1. Helicopters In The News – The Manley Report 2008.

         From 2002-2011 Canadian troops were deployed to Kandahar Province. 2002 was shortly after the Taliban Last Stand (TLS) at the airport where the American Forces finally forced out the Taliban government. That building is still know as the TLS building today and remains riddled with bullet impact marks.          The Canadians were brought in … More 1. Helicopters In The News – The Manley Report 2008.